• Making good food is all about creating the best flavour combinations. Old-school combinations will never go out of fashion, but as food styles evolve, so does the perfect flavour marriage. We’ve compiled some of our favourites that you should try right now!



    Cinnamon + Apple

    A sprinkle of cinnamon makes an ordinary apple a decadent treat. This combo works in so many different ways. Use it to jazz up overnight oats or make cinnamon whipped cream to serve with apple pie. We also love stirring apple-flavoured green tea with a cinnamon stick for a subtle boost.

    Give it a go: Cinnamon sugar apple fritters with toffee sauce

    Chocolate + Berries

    This is a polygamous flavour marriage where you can pair various berries with different cocoa percentages and always get a delish treat. Some favourites include dark-chocolate bark with freeze-dried blueberries or strawberries and raspberries inside the molten centre of chocolate fondant. The tartness of the berries contrasts with the sweet notes in the chocolate, adding a depth of flavour to the dish.

    Give it a go: Chocolate custard tarts with fresh berries



    Strawberries + Basil + Balsamic Vinegar

    The terrific trifecta. Whether you’re eating a simple chopped strawberry salad with torn basil leaves and a drizzle of balsamic, or drinking a strawberry and basil mojito out of a glass with a balsamic glazed rim, you’re bound to enjoy this explosion of flavour!

    Give it a go: Grilled strawberry and biltong salad

    Lime + Coconut

    This is the ultimate #FlavourCollab for summer! Think coconut cupcakes with a lime glaze or coco-lime daiquiris. Our favourite? A soothing coconut and lime dhal – using fresh coconut chunks and loads of freshly squeezed lime juice.

    Give it a go: Tropical star anise cake with lime syrup



    Bacon + Pistachios

    Everyone loves bacon, right? Put a twist on your next BLT with finely chopped pistachios, or use homemade pistachio butter on some bread. Sunday lunch gets a makeover with a chicken, bacon and pistachio pie – just be prepared to host every week from now on. And desserts get a glow up with salty-sweet pistachio pies with caramelised bacon bits.

    Pineapple + Blue Cheese

    This combo will up your food game. According to science, these flavours work together because they both contain the flavour component methyl hexanoate. According to us, they just work; we don’t care how! Combine fresh or grilled pineapple with the cheese, make a dip of the two or sprinkle some pineapple juice over a hunk of blue on a cheeseboard. And do try a burger with grilled pineapple and blue cheese! #ThankUsLater



    These flavour pairings are becoming increasingly popular. Do you dare?

    • Peanut butter and sriracha
    • Oysters and kiwi
    • Olive oil and ice cream
    • Salmon and liquorice
    • Mango and chilli powder


    Words: Mart-Marié du Toit

    Feature image by Kaique Lopes


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