• Flavoured salts are products always seen in the isles of Delicatessens; beautiful (small) bottles dressed up with dainty labels and a generous price tag. Now, we won’t be going too out there and making Seaweed flavoured slat, but I can guarantee you there are many simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboards that will make some exciting flavoured salts for half the price.

    How to make your own flavoured salts

    Salt and flavour ratios

    Starting out with the ratios, the general idea is to use 1/4 cup of kosher or sea salt and add in about 1 teaspoon of flavouring of your choice. Spices are understandably going to be strong, so experiment a little with different amounts if you are unsure.

    Dried flavouring

    It is better to use flavouring that is dry in consistency, this prevents moisture and thus clumping of slat together when mixing. If you are looking to use a zest or fresh herb, simply place in an even layer on a lined baking tray and place in the oven at 200ºC for a few minutes at a time until dried out. Microwaving also dries things out quite easily.

    How to combine the two

    The best way to ensure even mixing of flavour into the salt is to add both the salt and flavour to a mortar and pestle and crush it all together. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, a coffee grinder or food processor would also work, just don’t blend for too long as you’ll create a fine powder. If you’re feeling brave you can hand mix the two together, rubbing the flavour and salt in between your fingers.

    Storing flavoured salts

    If you know you want to make a big batch of one flavour, then go ahead and double or triple the amounts suggested above. The salt will generally last 3-4 months. You will need to bottle the salt in a reliable airtight glass or container to keep out any moisture. This is where you can go wild and add pretty labels and cards to your bottles, they serve as wonderful gifts.

    It is best to bottle and leave the salt to infuse for at least 3 days, preferably up to 1 week or more. This gives the salt time to slowly work and create a blended flavour.

    Flavoured salt inspiration

    • Lemon and rosemary: Dry the rind of 2 lemons and place it in a grinder together with coarse salt – Grind over fish or chicken.
    • Chili: Add a few dry chillies to your salt grinder – use for potatoes and meat.
    • Cumin: Toast cumin seeds and add to your salt grinder – great used on lamb and vegetables.
    • Garlic: Add a few dry garlic flakes to your salt –  use over salads and chicken.
    • Sage: Finely chop a few sage leaves and add to your salt. Use to season meat, chicken and fish.
    • Lavender and rosemary: Add 1 tsp each of dried lavender buds and dried rosemary to your salt – use on lamb chops.
    • Vanilla and cinnamon: Add the seeds from one vanilla bean and 1/2 tsp cinnamon to your salt – use this in cookie dough.
    • Espresso: Add 1 tsp espresso powder to your salt – this can be sprinkled over brownies or cookies!
    • Lime:  Add 1 or 2 tsp of lime zest to your salt – perfect for homemade margaritas or mojitos.

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