Braai hacks for the perfect braai

September 11, 2019
braai hacks for the perfect braai

Look like a braai- aficionado at your next braai with these braai hacks.


Written by Imka Webb 


No firelighters? No problem!

Did you know you can use a bag of Doritos to light a fire? Pine cones make great kindling too! You can also fill a jar with dried out teabags and fill it halfway with paraffin. The teabags will soak up the paraffin to make great firelighters.


When life hands you lemons…

If your braai grill still has some leftover braai juice from the braai before, don’t fret! Simply cut a lemon and half and rub it over the grill. Use the other half of the lemon to squeeze over the meat for an extra zesty taste!


Wet wood?

Sprinkle some plain white sugar over the wood and light with Blitz. The sugar burns at a high temperature which helps you increase the internal temperature of the wood, making it easier to braai with.


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Celebrate good thyme, come on!

Enhance the flavour of the meat by placing a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme (or any fresh herbs of your choice) on the grill and place your meat on top of the herbs. Our favourite? Skewer a few lamb chops and place them on rosemary sprigs brings out the wonderful flavour of the lamb!  Remember to braai the lamb on the fat side first, to crisp it up, before further cooking it on the braai.


Sticky situation

To avoid meat sticking to the grill, dip a paper towel in olive oil and rub it over the grill before braaiing.


Something’s fishy

If you are braaiing fish, lay it on a few slices of lemons or limes on the grill. This will enhance the flavour of the fish and will help avoid the fish sticking to the grill.


Brush it off…

Instead of using a brush to add olive oil to the meat, try using a rosemary sprig to add flavour.


Something sweet

For a delicious dessert on the braai, wrap a sugar cone with tinfoil, and fill the cone with a selection of marshmallows, chocolates, berries and bananas. Close up the foil and pop it on the braai. Easy!

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