• Wake up and smell the bacon this Father’s Day. Groupon brings you the man-equivalent of the classic floral bouquet and they are calling it the Broquet (#GrouponBroquet).

    Richard Bosman, the Bacon Boss, and Groupon have teamed up to create a hand-crafted, carefully cured and curated bundle of bacon, giving everyone the answer to the “what do I get dad this Father’s Day?” question.

    You will be happy to know that these mouthwatering broquets are as easy to make as they are to consume. There is a free step-by-step on their website to help you on your way. Groupon users can simply sign in on the website and follow the Father’s Day Sale tab, where users can downlaod a simple instructional PDF document.

    Go to their website, the Father’s Day Sale tab, to see the video: Groupon.co.za #GrouponBroquet