• As the winter chill starts to set in, we’re all looking for comforting dishes packed with nutritious ingredients to keep seasonal colds and flus at bay. One fantastic way to amp up the flavour in your dishes while adding beneficial nutrients to your diet is by using B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend – a tasty combination that combines the health credentials and versatility of canola oil with the delicious taste of carefully selected extra virgin olive oil.

    Cook it all with Ease

    One of the benefits of using the B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend in your cooking is that it’s the best of both worlds. Canola oil is endlessly versatile as a cooking oil, so it’s an excellent ingredient to use in your sauteing, frying, baking, grilling and roasting applications. However, with its neutral taste, it doesn’t bring much flavour to the party. With the addition of extra virgin olive oil, though, the blend can stretch the beautiful taste of olive oil further, giving an added flavour profile to your marinades, dressings and roast vegetables without losing the usability of the canola oil.

    Packed with the Good Stuff

    In addition to its versatility and amped up flavour, the B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend also packs a punch with its health credentials. It’s very high in omega-3, an essential fatty acid that one’s body can’t produce and must be consumed through the foods you eat or dietary supplements.

    With B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend, you’re getting a fantastic dose of omega-3 with every dish you use it in – how convenient is that! The oil blend also carries the CANSA Smart Choice Seal, an endorsement from the Cancer Association of South Africa to promote a smart, balanced lifestyle by helping the public make healthier, informed choices. Last, but certainly not least, B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend is also endorsed by The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa.

    Kitchen Creativity

    Looking for some tasty ideas for winter-warming meals? Or different ways you can use B-well Canola & Olive Oil? We think it’s just brilliant in a mustard-spiked vinaigrette for a warm salad of roast butternut and quinoa, or as the base of a chunky herb and garlic salsa, spooned over seared steak. Why not use it to slowly cook and infuse butter beans with that beautiful olive oil flavour?

    It’s also a fantastic addition to a spicy yoghurt-based chicken marinade or even drizzled over a generous bowl of hummus with a sprinkle of cumin. Of course, it’s perfect for use at all temperatures, so even simple dishes such as roast sweet potatoes, beetroot and baby potatoes are elevated with the addition of B-well Canola and Olive Oil.

    Get Ready to Feastify

    For further recipe inspiration, why not download B-well’s latest cookbook Feastify? This free cookbook is packed with recipes designed to feed a group – just the ticket for when the mercury drops and you’d rather invite friends and family over to a lunch or dinner party at home than venture out to a restaurant.

    Click here for your complimentary cookbook, and explore recipes like one-pot wonders, make-ahead breakfasts and decadent desserts: https://www.bwellfoods.co.za/feastify-celebration-of-togetherness/

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    B-well invests in food industry through its collab with Sense of Taste Chef School