• There is no doubt about it – the humble hamburger offers a lot of scope, especially when it’s made at home

    Beetroot burger: An Australian favourite is to serve hamburgers with pickled beetroot. We suggest that you boil the beetroot yourself and douse the slices with balsamic vinegar. To make the burger, add the beetroot slices, a few rocket leaves and a dab of horseradish sauce, mixed with a little mayonnaise if you like. For a richer version, top with a few crumbs of blue cheese.

    Cheese burger: Keep this one simple by adding a slab of cheddar or Comté cheese and some warm caramelised onion (fry sliced onions slowly with a little brown sugar).

    Classic New Yorker: Top the patty with a slice of cheddar (or splash out and use Gruyère) and place it under the grill. When the cheese has just begun to melt, remove from the oven and layer with sliced tomato, some onion rings and crisp lettuce. For something a bit saucier, mix a little mustard with mayonnaise and add as a final flourish.

    Lebanese burger: Add hummus, spiked with a little cumin, paprika and a splash of olive oil, tzatziki and a round or two of grilled aubergine.

    Sort of Italian burger: Flash-fry a few cherry tomatoes in olive oil until they burst. Mix a little pesto with mayonnaise. Layer the ingredients with the patty and rocket leaves, and serve.