How to peel and cut a mango

February 28, 2024
How to cut a mango

Mangoes are not only delicious but also a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. However, many people are hesitant to indulge in this tropical delight due to the perceived difficulty in peeling and cutting and often opt to buy pre-cut mangoes from the grocery store. But we’re here to help! Explore this guide on how to peel and cut mangoes ensuring you can enjoy this juicy fruit hassle-free.

Selecting the right mango

Before starting the peeling and cutting process, it’s crucial to choose a ripe mango. Look for a fruit with a slight give when gently pressed, a sweet aroma around the stem, and vibrant colouration. Different varieties of mangoes have unique visual cues, so keep an eye out for these signs.

What you’ll need:

Equip yourself with the right tools for a seamless mango-cutting experience.

  • A sharp knife
  • A cutting board
  • A spoon
cutting mangoes


How to cut a mango

Begin by placing the mango on the cutting board vertically, with the stem facing upward. Using the knife, make a lengthwise cut on one side of the flat seed, keeping a slight distance from the center. Repeat on the other side. You now have two mango halves with a flat side.

Hold one mango half in your hand, skin side down, and gently make lengthwise and crosswise cuts into the flesh without piercing the skin. Invert the mango half, pushing the cubes outward. Use a spoon to scoop out the mango cubes from the skin. Repeat the process with the other mango half.

For an artistic touch, consider the mango flower technique. After making the lengthwise and crosswise cuts, gently press the back of the mango half to turn it inside out, resembling a flower. This not only looks visually appealing but also makes it easy to enjoy bite-sized mango pieces.

Tips for Cutting Mango Cubes: For those who prefer mango cubes, another technique involves scoring the mango without removing the skin. Make lengthwise and crosswise cuts as close to the skin as possible, then invert the mango half to expose the cubes. Use the knife to separate the cubes from the skin.

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