How to prevent soggy mushrooms when cooking

March 4, 2024
mushrooms in a brown bowel

Mushrooms are an enjoyable vegetable loved by many around the world. With its earthy and juicy feel, it is no surprise that it remains a top choice for any meal option. From creamy mushroom sauce to a sautéed grilled steak dish, mushrooms are what Gen Z would call iconic.

Although this savoury goodness is a staple in many homes, it is not uncommon for people to end up with soggy mushrooms whilst preparing a meal. If this is something that you have struggled with in the past, look forward to the future as we have some great tips to ensure and explain why this sogginess happens.  

Why are mushrooms prone to sogginess? 

Mushrooms are very high in moisture, meaning that they can retain a lot of liquid, especially water. Thus, when preparing mushrooms, it is important to make sure that the liquid in the mushrooms is properly evaporated. The key to cooking an amazing delicious mushroom dish is to ensure that the liquid levels are monitored at all times and that the earthy goods are cooked at the right temperature.  

How to clean your mushrooms? 

It is key to prioritise good hygiene when we are preparing meals. Often our first instinct when prepping our veggies is to wash or rinse any bacteria or dirt before following any further cooking preparations.  

Mushrooms are a bit different from other vegetables due to their high retention of moisture. When washing your mushrooms before cooking this can result in an extra hold of liquid. Once the mushrooms are placed in the pan all the extra liquid will escape once exposed to heat which will result in sogginess.  

Instead, when wanting to clean your mushrooms rather use a partially damp cloth, towel, or brush and lightly dab the mushrooms down.  

 Monitor the temperature level of the pan  

  • Always preheat your pan before placing the mushrooms in the pan. 
  • As mentioned above, mushrooms carry a high level of liquid thus once placed in the heated pan the liquid contained within the mushroom will drain out. Therefore, it is important to always cook your mushrooms on medium/high heat, otherwise if slow-cooked the mushrooms will boil within their liquid resulting in sogginess because of the excess moisture. 
  • The best way to know if the mushrooms are being cooked at the right temperature level is to listen for a sizzle. 
mushrooms browning

Image: Pexels

Do not cram the mushrooms. 

Cramming your mushrooms during the cooking process is another reason why the mushrooms turn soggy. If there are too many mushrooms in the pan this will prohibit the release of moisture. Evaporation will not take place meaning that the mushrooms will instead boil/steam.  


Follow the above steps when preparing your next mushrooms dish to ensure that soggy mushrooms are thing of the past.

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Feature image: Pexels


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