How to prevent spices from getting hard and clumpy

October 31, 2023
How to prevent spices from getting hard

Spices can elevate any dish, but there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for your favourite spice only to find it has turned into a solid, unyielding block or a clumpy mess. To keep your spices fresh and prevent them from hardening or clumping, consider these handy tips:

Store in airtight containers: Transfer your spices from their original containers to airtight glass or plastic jars. A proper seal keeps moisture and air out, maintaining the spice’s texture and flavour.

Keep spices in a cool, dark place: Light and heat can accelerate the hardening process. Store your spice jars in a cool, dark cabinet away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Avoid using damp utensils: Moisture is the enemy of spices. Use dry, clean utensils when scooping out spices to prevent introducing moisture into the container.

Keep spices away from steam: Steam from cooking can find its way into spice containers, causing clumping. Store spices away from the stove and other sources of steam.

Purchase whole spices: Whole spices tend to stay fresh longer than ground ones. Consider buying whole spices and grinding them when needed.

Buy in smaller quantities: Spices lose their potency over time, and their shelf life can vary. Consider purchasing smaller quantities of spices, especially those you don’t use frequently. This ensures you’re working with fresh spices and reduces the chance of them hardening.

Use rice, dried beans or desiccant packs: Placing a few rice grains, dried beans or desiccant packs (silica gel packets) inside your spice containers can help absorb any residual moisture.

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