• When it comes to preparing food, it is always important that we practice good hygiene. By practicing good hygiene, we ensure that we protect our family and friends from the  debris that might be left on our foods before cooking them.

    Rice is no different, and washing your rice before cooking guarantees that we get the most flavour out of our favourite staple food.

    To get the most flavour out of your rice follow these easy steps on how to thoroughly wash rice:

    Why is it important to wash rice before cooking?

    When you rinse your rice before cooking it, you remove all the dirt, bugs, and dirt. Washing your rice also helps with the removal of excess starch. Thus, washing rice makes the texture fluffy.

    The difference between soaking and washing your rice.

    Soaking rice does not remove any debris but reduces the amount of time it takes to cook the rice. Washing your rice ensures the removal of any dirt or starch.

    How to Wash your rice?

    Whole Grain Rice

    • Pour your rice into a sieve and do a cold rinse under water for 30 seconds.
    • Once the 30 seconds are over drain the rice and place rice into the cooking pot or rice cooker.

    White Rice

    • For white rice follow the same steps as above, until the water becomes cloudy and after 2 minutes it will clear.


    • When you are rinsing the rice avoid touching the rice too much, as this will cause friction making it cloudy. Instead, let the water run through the rice grains.

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