• Macramé may seem intimidating to most. With all those knots, all those new techniques and so much string it can be easy to become confused. This macramé hanging mirror is a simple project to get into macramé that requires minimal skill but maximum fun.

    What You’ll Need

    • A plain round mirror
    • 10m x Cotton rope / Yarn / Twine
    • 6 x Wooden beads (4x medium & 2x small)
    • 1 x Wooden ring
    • A pair of scissors
    macrame hanging mirror


    1. Cut the rope into three pieces, 3 metres long and attach them to a wooden ring by forming a loop. Ensure each looped rope is placed alongside the other as demonstrated.
    2. Time to start braiding with the 6 strings hanging down in groups of 2. Plait the strings as you would plait your hair. Cross the left 2 end strings with the 2 middle ones, then bring the right 2 strings over to cut down the middle. Repeat this process on the right and keep alternating it until you get to about 10cm down. Make a simple knot after to prevent the braid from coming undone.
    3. If you are struggling to braid and plait your macramé, it helps to hang it from something like a door handle or a simple horizontal pole. With the remaining part of the string, make 2 groups of three strings and make smaller plaits from these 2 until the end of the string.
    4. To create the pattern, you need to wrap the braid down the back of the mirror, followed by a criss-cross on the front.
    5. To hold the mirror in place, you would need to knot it accordingly at the back and bottom so it is completely secure. Make sure the knot created at the bottom is the last, so the remaining braid can hang below.
    6. With the remaining metre of string, add the wooden beads, held in place by knots on either side. Drape the beaded string across either side, knotted at the back onto the plaited one. Cut the remaining part of the string so only the beaded part in the front will show.
    7. With the remaining string hanging at the bottom, undo the string with a pair of scissors that will cause it to fray. In this instance, you would want a frayed piece of string as it adds to the boho-chic aspect of macramé.

    It won’t fray any further than its knot so you’re all set for a macramé hanging mirror! Happy Macrame-ing!

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