• Are you tired of jotting down recipes while watching your favourite cooking show? Ready Steady Cook South Africa has a solution for you! Introducing the innovative QR code feature that enhances your culinary journey like never before.

    Shop ingredients instantly

    During the heat of the cooking competition, a QR code pops up on your screen, providing a seamless transition from watching to shopping. Simply grab your smartphone and follow these steps:

    How it works:

    • When: Mid-show, while contestants are busy in the kitchen.
    • Where: Scan the QR code to access the Ready, Steady Cook section on the grocery vertical of the Mr D app.
    • What: Dive into virtual grocery aisles, organised by dish, featuring all the ingredients used in that week’s episode.
    • How:
      • iPhone or Samsung: Open your camera, point it at the TV screen to recognise the QR code, and click the link that appears.
      • Huawei Mobile: Utilise your QR Code scanner app to recognise and access the link.

    As the credits roll, another QR code emerges. Follow the above steps to get access to ingredients.

    Why choose Mr D?

    • Effortless convenience: Mr D stands for ‘Done,’ ensuring a delightful and hassle-free shopping experience across all segments.
    • Competitive pricing: Contrary to misconceptions, Mr D offers groceries at in-store prices, debunking the myth of higher costs.

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