• Here are some of our favourite hacks to get the most out of your pressure cooker!

    Beans from scratch are easier than ever

    It can be so difficult to remember to soak beans or chickpeas overnight before you want to cook them. With your pressure cooker, pre-soaking is no longer necessary.

    Utilise the sauté function

    This helps with adding flavour to your dishes. Using the sauté function before turning on the pressurising function will allow you to brown or caramelise your veggies or meat.

    Give baking a try (and make a cheesecake!)

    Did you know that the pressure cooker can be used to make amazing cheesecakes? Check out this recipe to see how easy it is.

    Pot-in-pot cooking allows you to cook two different foods at once

    One amazing way to use the pressure cooker is to utilise racks and dishes within the pressure cooker to cook more than one type of food at the same time. Genius!

    Don’t overcook by setting the timer to ‘0’

    As everyone’s who has bought a pressure cooker knows, it can be quite challenging to predict cooking time – resulting in mushy, over-cooked veggies. The trick to avoiding this is setting the cooking time to ‘0’. What this means is the pot will stop the cooking process as soon as it pressurises, resulting in perfectly cooked food every time.

    Defrost food

    The pressure cooker can be used to cook meat from frozen, defrost veggies or soups, and even heat up leftovers.

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    Featured image: Katherine Chase via Unsplash