• Odour’s are a pest at any time and unfortunately one of the cons of life is having to deal with bad smells in certain moments, but  after a hard day’s work one does not want to get a foul, fishy or rotten egg smell from their drinking glass during a moment of relaxation.

    Luckily, there is a solution to every problem and just like the clock strikes at midnight every day so we can start anew, fortunately there are methods to ensure that you never have to face this problem in the future.

    A lack of phosphate within cleaning detergents is the reason why our drinking glasses sometimes have a foul odour. The chemical known as Phosphate was an important ingredient that functioned as a water softener within cleaning products which then helped the other ingredients to properly clean our dishes. Since then, many governments have banned the use of phosphates as they can be detrimental to our water sources and environments. Thus, many drinking glasses when cleaned are not as shiny as hard water can many times be leaving behind a residue. But Phosphate is not the only reason behind the odour:

    Cleaning Tools

    Sponges are ones to look out for as they need to be regularly cleaned. This is because sponges are prone to food contents remaining behind on the sponge which could result in residue being left on other dishes.


    Another factor to consider when trying to locate the cause of the smell could be in the kitchen itself. Sinks are prone to bacteria growth for multiple reasons.

    Depending on the material the sink is made of it is possible that sometimes they can develop little cracks where bacteria will form in that area due to food getting stuck. There could also be a clog in the drain from food.


    Dishwashers are one of the most popular appliances which have made the lives of  many easier when it comes to taking care of dishes. But just like our dishwashers are caretakers they too deserve some TLC. There are often tiny cracks inside the interior of the dishwasher that can go unnoticed when cleaning. These areas can become the new home to bacteria and food contents left behind which could result in a bad odour left on dishes.


    It is important to be aware of the ingredients within the products we choose to wash our dishes with. Some products have certain ingredients which function as a drying component. These drying compositions can sometimes leave a layer on glasses which eventually harbor bacteria causing the odour in glasses. Sometimes glasses are left in the sink too long and become slimy. It can also cause bad smells if they are not dried properly. Drying cloth’s that are either wet or have other food odours on it can also cause a smell.


    If you are experiencing some drinking glass odours and now are able to identify the causes behind them here are some easy solutions to ensure the smell goes away and how you can prevent it in the future.

    • Regularly soak your glasses in white distilled vinegar.
    • Maintain your kitchen appliances and cleaning tools by ensuring that your sponges are regularly cleaned and also replaced with new ones.
    • Make sure glasses are thoroughly rinsed after cleaning and let it dry for a bit on the rack before placing it back in storage. This will prevent any bacteria from harboring on partially wet glasses.
    • Clean the dishwasher filter weekly and ensure that the right cleaning products are used for your particular dishwasher.
    • Clean your drain to prevent any clogs.


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