Tips & tricks from our January 2015 kitchen files

January 22, 2015 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)

1. To perfectly hull strawberries, use a sturdy paper straw to push the core out.

2. To stop oil from foaming when deep-frying, place a wine cork in the oil during the frying process.

3. Egg-celllent uses of eggs:

– Beaten whites help to thicken soups, stews and sauces. They are also essential for making soufflés and mousses lighter in texture.

– Whole eggs and yolks help when binding mixtures, such as stuffings and meatballs. They also help to emulsify sauces and dressings, like aïoli and mayonnaise.

– Brushing beaten eggs onto pastries and some baked goods gives them a shiny and vibrant golden colour, instead of being dull.

– Egg yolks are great for thickening and setting most desserts, such as mousses and custards.

– White eggs have a thicker shell than brown eggs and, as a result, do not let in as many odours from other foods in the fridge.

5. To get crispy and crunchy onion rings, make sure your oil is super-hot. First, dip your onion rings into buttermilk, then into cake flour. Dip them into buttermilk for a second time and, lastly, into the flour again prior to frying. Each time you add a batch of onion rings, make sure the batter has room to puff up as the onions cook.

6. Use a balloon to make beautiful and impressive chocolate bowls to fill with mousse, Eton mess or ice cream.

Tips & tricks from our January 2015 kitchen files

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