• The serene feeling of knowing that your house is smelling good is a feeling like no other. Unfortunately, at times our homes can be filled with unpleasant odours signalling that it’s time for the weekly garbage collection or simply the house is filled with the memory of our daily cooking from garlic to dirty socks, these are things we cannot escape.  

     So, when you catch a whiff of something unpleasant here are some brilliant natural air- fresheners to try available around your garden and pantry:  

    Pomander Balls

     Pomander balls are a must try for both the DIY Lovers, and the citrus fanatics. Pomander balls are a simple fix to any odours in your home that provide a stale smelly atmosphere. Here’s a how to make them:  

    – Make sure the citrus fruit of your choice has been cured and dried before it is hung.  

    – Pierce some cloves into the fruit.  

    –  For some added fragrance, place the finished product in either cinnamon or nutmeg.  


    The scent of a warm brewed cup of coffee in the morning is normally a great indication that a good day is to follow. But these caffeine grounded goodies are not just an amazing boost to get through the day but are also great for blocking out unpleasant smells.   

    – In a bowl place some grounded coffee.  

    – Place the bowl in a well-ventilated area to help with getting rid of the bad odour faster.  

     Note: Using coffee to get rid of smells works especially well if you are trying to get rid of garbage smells or strong food odours like garlic or onion.   

    Image: Pexels


     Vinegar is truly the ultimate pantry must have due to its multipurpose use. From providing flavour to our favourite foods or helping to remove stubborn residue and stains on our appliances, vinegar is truly an essential. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it can be used to remove any poor smells in our homes. Vinegar is also a great disinfectant.  

    – Take a small amount of vinegar and pour it in an old empty bottle.  

    – Fill the bottle the rest of the way with some water  

    – Use this mixture to spray in the area that smells bad. This remedy works especially well for food odours.  

    Image: Unsplash


     A great air-freshener option for both the plant enthusiasts and those who love the fresh fragrance of a garden. Houseplants not only bring a great aura to your home, but they can also provide a beautiful smell while combating any poor odours.  

    Image: Pexels

     Essential Oils  

    If you love experimenting with different smells to find the right one for you then essential oils are a must-try. Essential oils not only smell delicious, but they have amazing properties that are antibacterial and antiviral.  If you have a diffuser then the essence of the various fragrances will travel better throughout your home. It also makes it easy to mix different scents to find your signature scent.  

    Image: Pexels

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