Steve Maresch’s top 10 braaiing tips

August 24, 2016 (Last Updated: November 13, 2018)
Steve Maresch’s top 10 braaiing tips

Steve Maresch knows a thing or two about beef. If this is the first time you’ve heard of him, his award-winning restaurant The Local Grill is confirmation. 

Steve Maresch’s top 10 braaiing tips

Below we share Steve Maresch’s top 10 braaiing tips, just in time for Braai Day:

1. Make sure you have a very hot fire with zones to regulate heat and type of cooking, and have a cold beer in hand.

2. Plan your braai and cooking times; there’s nothing worse than overcooked wors and raw chicken… ask my wife!

3. Know the origin of the meat to be braaied – speak to the butcher and choose well-matured, cared-for beef.

4. Let your meat get to room temperature before placing it on the grill.

5. Turn meat as seldom as possible and don’t over-season it; you can always adjust seasoning off the grill.

6. Have your sides, salads and table ready – while it is important to let your meat rest, overcooking it will do it no justice.

7. Keep it real: try to avoid using bastings or sauces that mask the fantastic flavours of our ‘Local’ beef. I recommend the basics – salt, pepper and a brushing of butter at the end!

8. Using beer to douse the flames and flavour steak is not a bad option, but water in a plastic bottle with a hole or two in the lid is a perfect alternative.

9. Keep your braai grid clean by wiping it down with half a lemon.

10. Try cooking on Himalayan salt blocks, braai planks or staves. Mix up braaiing techniques and share the results with your mates; raise the bar and enjoy the moment.


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