• To achieve the correct results when boiling sugar, it’s essential to use a sugar thermometer.

    Check the accuracy of your thermometer by placing it in water that has just come to the boil. The boiling point of water should read 100°C, dropping by 1°C at the coast. Warm the bulb by dipping it into hot water before immersing it into the syrup. Hold the thermometer upright and read it at eye level.

    • Thread 106°C – 112°C. Used for a poaching syrup
    • Soft ball 112°C – 118°C. Used for fondants and fudges
    • Hard ball 121°C – 130°C. Used for marshmallows and caramels
    • Soft crack 132°C – 143°C. Used for butterscotch and nougat
    • Hard crack 149°C – 155°C. Used for hard toffees, rock and glazed fruit
    • Caramel 160°C – 177°C. Used for praline, caramel sauce and spun sugar