•  Got extra creamy goodness lurking in the fridge? Throw it into these dishes for a treat!

    Make your eggs à la Gordon Ramsay. Break eggs into a pan and add butter. Stir over medium heat until eggs clump, then add some cream. Remove from the heat and carry on stirring until the eggs are done. 

    2.  VEGGIE BAKE 
    Loosen the cream with some milk, season with herbs, salt and pepper, and pour over sliced potatoes, butternut, baby marrows – any veggies, really! Bake until they’re cooked through, for a yummy side. 

    3. SOUP 
    Stir some cream through tomato, potato or butternut soup to give it a creamy taste and texture. If you don’t have enough cream, simply add a drizzle for a striking (and fancy) garnish. 

    Quick, healthy and delicious supper for one? Sorted! Pour your cream into a pan, add a piece of fish (maybe some bay leaves, chopped onions, nutmeg, herbs) and poach for 10 minutes, until cooked. 

    The next time you make a cup of hot chocolate, add a dash of cream. Or whip it up and dollop on top, with marshmallows and a sprinkle of cocoa. Now, that’s gourmet in a flash! 


    [image by Isabella and Fischer via Unsplash]