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June 14, 2016 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)
aegir project independent brewery red rye

The name Aegir Project Independent Brewery is based on Norse Mythology. Aegir is a giant sea God who controls the ocean and everything in it. He then gets commissioned to brew beer for the gods in his under water cave with the help of his 9 mermaid daughters. This seemed like an apt name for the brewery because the brewer’s first love lies with the ocean. A very close second place is the love of incredible beer.

We chatted to Rory Lancellas, head brewer, CEO, director, delivery man, bar manager and cleaner about the Aegir Project Independent Brewery.

Craft beer is very trendy right now, with many craft labels transitioning to mainstream status.

What sets Aegir Project Independent Brewery apart from other craft beers?

Aegir Project Independent Brewery is a little old school in their commitment to the consumer. We provide exactly what it says on the label: real beer made properly. The brewery is not merely a business but a passion and commitment. We create something authentic, exciting, boundary-pushing and have a little fun doing it.

aegir project independent brewery

Pair your three favourite recipes on the Food & Home website with a beer.

Why have you chosen the pairing? 

Nacho Libre Hot Dog – California Steamin’. The California Steamin is a hybrid between an Ale and a Lager. This means it has the full bodied maltiness of an Ale with a dry, crisp finish of a larger. The slight spicy, citrus notes of the salsa will be complemented by the maltiness of the beer. The crisp finish will clean off the palate nicely for the slightly heavier bread and sausage.

Asian Broth with Shimeji mushrooms and noodles – Red Rye. The Rye is a complex malt forward beer with a slightly sweeter palate and spicy notes on the aroma. The lightness and spicy aromatic flavours of the broth will be bolstered by the full bodiedness of the beer. The complexity of flavor will be mirrored in the complex aroma of the red rye.

aegir project independent brewery red rye

Smoked Trout, crème fraiche, lemon and sweet potato rostis – Giant IPA. The IPA is a big hop forward beer with loads of citrus fruit coming through on the nose while a smooth bitterness is rounded of by the malt backbone on the palate. I feel there is nothing that pairs better with bitterness than saltiness, the smoky salty flavours of the trout will balance out the bitterness of the IPA with all the citrus notes being highlighted by the acidity of the lemon and creaminess of the crème fraiche.

Tell us a bit more about your unique brewing process?

What is the magic that goes into your beer?

Patience, cleanliness and love (and maybe a few unicorn tears).

Are your beers meant to be enjoyed by connoisseur or the everyday beer drinker?

Both, as the everyday beer drinkers are the future beer connoisseur. Our beers can be enjoyed by the everyday drinker as well as be appreciated on a more technical level by the beer connoisseur.

What inspires you to do what you do every day?

Brewing is an occupation that combines creativity, science and a high level of technical understanding, which provides me an opportunity to continuously develop myself. The international beer industry is constantly changing and exploring new styles, it is an exciting industry to be in.

We know you are a wiz when it comes to brewing, but how do you stack up in the kitchen?

Do you have a passion for food?

I love food, cooking and brewing are so similar, both firmly founded in scientific processes but offering opportunities for creativity and flavor exploration.

What are you top tips for selecting a quality craft beer?

What should our readers look out for when having to choose between the hundreds of brands on the liquor store shelf?

It’s a tough one because like with food, beer flavor preferences can be such a personal choice and you can never know until you take the chance, buy it, open it and try it. I would just recommend being a little more aware of promises made by breweries and conscious of what ingredients are added or not added.

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