Believe in the Magic of CHUX®

January 17, 2018
Magic of CHUX

New to South Africa, a leading global brand CHUX® is finally on our shelves! If you didn’t believe in magic before, just wait until you try out their amazing CHUX® Magic Eraser!

The CHUX® Magic Eraser is a powerful grime and mark remover block that works on most hard surfaces including walls, door handles, lights switches, electronics, kids’ toys, and even crockery.

This chemical-free, powerful scuff and mark remover is activated with plain water, which means you won’t have to use harmful chemicals! Simply wet, squeeze the excess water out and gently rub with light pressure over marks. Its superfine fibres lift and trap dirt. If marks persist, additional pressure may be applied with caution. The Magic Eraser rubs out most marks, even ink and crayon!

CHUX® Magic Tips:

  • Use a moistened CHUX Magic Eraser block to remove the grease and grime from stubborn food splatter in your microwave without having to use any chemicals
  • After your shower or bath, use the CHUX Magic Eraser Bathroom block to remove any leftover residue
  • Remove stubborn marks from skirting boards
  • Erase marks from walls and cupboards

For more information on CHUX®, click here ( to visit their global website – and follow them on Facebook ( too. CHUX® is available at selected SPAR stores.

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