• If you are a seafood fanatic, then flavourful mussels in the pear-shaped black shell is no secret to you. A pleasure to both the simple salty cracker and opulent creamy seafood pasta, the mussel is nothing if not versatile. 

    In addition to providing dishes with immense flavour, the mussel is what can be considered an underrated superfood. It’s a positive contributor to environmental sustainability performing many valuable tasks, one being an aid to the cleaning of the waters and streams that they occupy.  

    There are many potential gains to consuming or adding mussels to your diet. They are filled with natural vitamins and minerals that improve overall health and nutrition. 


    One of their prime benefits is their protein content. Protein plays a massive role in our everyday lives, helping our bodies in terms of the organ function.  

    Mussels are said to contain more protein calories than that found in a filleted piece of steak. Thus, eating mussels can result in the potential increase of protein and Omega 3. Overall, having a significant amount of protein in our bodies helps with the continuous good health of our muscles and development.  


    Mussels are rich in vitamins which are great for our immune systems, skin, and eyes. Two of these vitamins include vitamin A and B-12. The latter plays a role in our blood, especially in the development of red blood cells in our bodies. They also contribute towards brain and nerve cell development.  

    Vitamin A helps our bodies with the stimulation processes needed to produce certain bodily functions such as white blood cell production and overall, it plays a role in the regulation of our bodies’ cell growth.  

    image of a mussels in a black shell
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    Consuming mussels can also result in an increase in iron levels, which is vital for our bodies. Iron plays a major role in the development of healthy blood, aiding in the process of helping transport oxygen throughout the body. It’s also a contributor to the health of our brains and muscle tissues.  

    Omega 3 fatty acids:

    Mussels are also rich in Omega 3 which plays an essential role in building our cell membranes. Omega 3 aids the body in making certain hormones needed for survival such as blood clotting and can potentially be a prevention in certain diseases. 

    mussels served on a plate


    Iodine works with the thyroid in the process of hormone production although very important it is not produced by our bodies and is gained from certain foods, mussels being one of them. It is important for the production of hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine which help with regulation, particularly in our metabolisms and the making of proteins.  


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