• Feeling demotivated due to a strict budget is a feeling that we all can relate to especially when it comes to our food cravings. But Mimi Harrison has tasked herself with the challenge of changing the narrative that budgets and boring meals go hand in hand.

    Harrison’s latest cookbook Beat the Budget embarks on an incredible journey to demonstrate that amazing meals do not have to be expensive.

    The cookbook invites you into a collection of show-stopping meals that not only will impress your loved ones but also inspire you to create perfectly curated meal plans that are not only delicious and affordable but also sustainable.

    Mimi Harrision spicy fish
    Image: Happy Foodie


    The cookbook provides standout meals that can be prepared in air-fryers or slow cookers in short amounts of time with recipes ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Harrison also provides readers with advice on how to curate meal plans that are fun and tasty whilst pairing them with budget-friendly shopping lists and tips on how to sufficiently meal prep.

    From a selection of breakfasts, salads, and soups alongside sides Mimi carries through on the theme of her brand since the debut of her platform which is to create excitement in budgeting and reassuring people that just because you are prioritizing saving does not mean that your food intake should be any less tasty or unhealthy.

    Mimi's chicken leg coconut rice
    Image:Happy Foodie

    The recipes are suited for any occasion whether meals are being prepared for lunch or dinner, each meal is created for stress-free environments. The cookbook Spicy butter tomato white fish and Vegetables with its fragrant fish and colourful presentation is a great example of how affordable meals can still be opulent and exciting with the bonus of a great price.

    Mimi Harrison’s Beat the Budget Cookbook is the perfect recipe book for all age groups but especially students who are looking to build on their cooking skills whilst providing a helping hand in stressful times by assuring you that when it is time to work you can always look forward to a well-balanced meal that is cost-effective and exciting.

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