Be cool with GLAD Ice Cube Bags

July 20, 2017 (Last Updated: July 25, 2017)
Be cool with GLAD Ice Cube Bags

GLAD Ice Cube Bags are an absolute kitchen essential. The bags have individually perforated ice cube blocks so that it’s easy to tear off what you need without mess, without fuss. The bags boast a self-seal innovation which is activated when it’s turned upside-down, ensuring the liquids doesn’t spill.

Be cool with GLAD Ice Cube Bags

GLAD Ice Cube bags are so versatile! Here are some awesome suggestions:

  • Freeze a mixture of olive oil and finely chopped herbs to use as needed when cooking
  • Left over sauces and gravy can be frozen and defrosted as needed
  • Prepare vegetable, chicken or beef stock and pour the mixture into the GLAD Ice Cube Bags for handy ready-made stock
  • If you have extra vegetables, puree them and pour into the bags – use the puree to add flavour to your meals
  • Another idea is to use the pureed veggies when preparing food for children that don’t like vegetables as the liquid can be “hidden” in the meal
  • Squeeze or juice your favourite fruit and freeze in GLAD Ice Cube Bags for fresh fruit flavours
  • Health enthusiasts who juice regularly can pour their favourite combination into the GLAD Ice Cube Bags for delicious, nutritious and refreshing top ups.

The GLAD Ice Cube Bags lie flat in the freezer or can save freezer space by being placed into awkward spaces. GLAD Ice Cube Bags are a clean and hygienic way of creating ice cubes – they don’t leak and are airtight. Remember to like GLAD South Africa on Facebook.

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