The road to good health starts with Dr Green

September 30, 2015 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)
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Eating healthy means healthy cooking, with certified cookware that doesn’t release toxic substances in foods, which allows for a delicate cooking of food and respects the environment, making the time spent cooking on the stove, easy and exciting.

Just launched in South Africa, this premium Dr Green range is a purchase of high quality and puts you and your family on the road to great well being.

Dr Green is:

* Single die-cast Italian aluminium body 6mm thick
* Triple layer Greenstone non-stick coating, guaranteed
* Scratch resistant and easy to clean
* PFOA free – Nickel free
* Design for specific foods
* Individually finished and manual controls
* Used by Professionals
* 100% Italian made
* International Certifications by TUV, DNV
* Certified non-toxic by the Danish Technological Institute
* Energy saving cooling
* Fat-free cooking
* Better cooking performance on every stove type

With its 6mm thick cast aluminium body, and triple layer of Greenstone the cooking temperature is rendered uniform over the entire surface. This is the ideal tool for gentle cooking over low heat that keeps foods wholesome and more flavoursome.

Discover the selected range for everyday cooking and the specialised cookware for preparing vegetables, fish, lean meats and for oven, steam and slow cooking on

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