• Roast leg of lamb with Baharat and vegetables.

    "I chose to make the roast leg of lamb with baharat and vegetables from Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech by Greg and Lucy Malouf (page 116). Baharat is an all-purpose Arab dry spice mix that can be used for marinades, stews and when braising meat as well.

    I did this roast simply because I’m a sucker for lamb and I appreciate all the aromatic spices in this recipe. I loved the fact that I could mix my own spices, so knowing exactly what is in the mix. I must admit that I added in a little bit more cardamom. The aroma in the house was amazing and the flavour of the lamb very succulent. Instead of using 6 garlic cloves, I cut a whole globe of garlic in half for better presentation and added fennel instead of potatoes.

    The highlight was cooking everything in one roast while enjoying my time with my family and friends – not slaving away in the kitchen!”
    For more information about Moorish or to see where you can buy your own copy click here."

    Recipe tried and tested by our Food Editor, Thulisa Martins

    Thulisa Martins