• An everyday grilled cheese sandwich can become a taste sensation if you mix things up a bit! Here’s a guide to preparing a groumet grilled cheese with a trendy twist

    Basics of a gourmet grilled cheese

    The bread you use will change the taste of your sandwich completely. Try something other than the pre-packaged, sliced varieties. You can visit a SPAR Bakery and take your pick from sourdough, rye, wholewheat, ciabatta and raisin bread.

    Oh-so-important cheese

    Gone are the days of using one type of cheese for all your toasties. Start experimenting with different tastes and textures – SPAR has a great range of Marksbury Select cheeses. Choose between Emmentaler, Havarti, Edam, Parmigiano Reggiano, Maasdam and more.


    With a delicious, flavourful SPAR cheese as your base, you can now choose your other fillings. Ingredients that work well include rocket, watercress, onions, ham, salmon and even caramelised pears. Finish off your sandwich with a sauce of your choice.

    Try these grilled cheese recipes

    • Ciabatta + SPAR Marksbury Select Maasdam + caramelised onions + rocket
    • Sourdough bread + SPAR Marksbury Select Parmigiano Reggiano + Dijon mustard + sliced ham + balsamic glaze
    • Raisin bread + SPAR Marksbury Select Havarti + caramelised pears + toasted walnuts + rocket