• If you are a fan of fruits, guava’s are definitely no stranger to you. Typically in a green or yellow colour these tropical delights are not only a great addition to salads and juices but are flooded in nutritional benefits. 

    One of the amazing things about guava’s is that the entire fruit can be consumed including the seeds. They are also a fruit rich in antioxidants, potassium, iron and vitamin C. 

    Below we list the potential nutritional benefits of guavas. 

    Helps to boost immunity:

    Guavas are not only impeccable additions to juice but they are also rich in Vitamin C and are said to contain double the amount than an orange. Having a good amount of Vitamin C in the body helps to ensure a strong immune system as it lowers our risk of getting ill often. 

    Improves digestive system:

    Guava’s contain a great amount of fibre which makes them a great fruit, to eat if you are someone prone to constipation or bowel issues. Guava’s can potentially ease or prevent constipation, the leaves are also said to help with relieving the symptoms of diarrhoea. 

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    Provides a boost in hearth health

    Guava’s have antioxidant properties and contain many helpful vitamins. They can potentially be beneficial towards the upkeep of a healthy heart by helping with the prevention of damage. Guava leaves are also rich in vitamins and carry a good level of potassium which could help with lowering blood pressure. 

    Relieve in menstrual pain: 

    Many women experience severe pain and discomfort during their monthly period. Guava leaves are said to be an excellent natural remedy to ease discomfort and pain during this time. Simply place some leaves in hot water and drink it as a tea. 

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    Based on the nutritional benefits listed above it is clear that guava’s are not just a flavour to your favourite fruit smoothie. But rather a tropical delight that can be both enjoyed whilst reaping some great health benefits. Whether eaten as a dried fruit or in baked bread. Guava never disappoints.

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