• “We’re all familiar with warm, spiked drinks of the creamy variety – think Irish coffees – but, the latest trend in the cocktail world, is to serve fruit-based cocktails warm. There is something so comforting about sipping on hot cocktails – starting with the way it warms your hands. Cider- and spice-based cocktails really suit being served warm, as do tea based ones. Think cider with apple, cinnamon and whisky or a take on the medicinal hot toddy – whisky, honey tea, lemon and a sprinkling of nutmeg.

    I would use this as an ‘ice-breaker’ for when guests arrive at a dinner party, or on a chilly night in for two.”

    Here’s a link to our favourite recipe; Orange Pisco Hot Chocolate OR Riesling Hot Toddy

    By Claire Ferrandi, F&HE Food Editor

    Orange Pisco Hot Chocolate

    Riesling Hot Toddy