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    Monday 3 September

    Another splendid day of sight-seeing! We left Thessaloniki just after 7am and passed the impressive Mount Olympus en route to Meteora, which is one of the largest clusters of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. The six monasteries are all built on top of these ridiculously high sandstone rock pillars and are said to have been built in the 16th century. When you see how high up the monasteries are, you cannot begin to imagine the engineering involved in building these establishments, hundreds of years ago!

    We also drove past the oldest olive grove in the world. Over three million olive trees in the area, all owned by one farmer!

    We’re staying in Kalambaka tonight – the most picturesque and quaint town at the base of these incredible sandstone pillars. Again I find myself thinking this is one of the loveliest towns I’ve seen but it is! Narrow streets, cosy restaurants, friendly and relaxed locals… all against the dramatic backdrop of the sandstone pillars and mountains.

    By Serdar Yilgoren