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    Monday 27 August

    Spent the morning at the Rumi museum in Konya, learning about Sufis. Then off to Psidian Antiochi, where the apostle Paul spent a few years working as a tent maker, as well as ministering to people. The remnants of the old town, including the theatre and church, were fascinating to see.
    After that, we hit the road again – en route to another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of Pamukkale (the cotton castle). We’ll explore the town tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

    Tuesday 28 August

    Today, another day full of surprises! Pamukkale is a town famed for its hot springs and travertines, which are terraces of carbonate minerals left behind by flowing water. The travertines look like they’ve been covered in snow and it’s a wonderful spectacle to behold people splashing in the shallow pools when you assume it to be freezing cold!
    From there we went to the Temple of Aphrodite as well as a grand stadium in Aphrodisias. Built in the first century AD, the stadium could seat up to 34 000 people and the original stone seats are still intact! It is believed that the region’s Olympic games were held there a few times a year as the seating capacity exceeded the population of the town during that era.
    Then back in our bus again, destination Kusadasi. We arrived as the sun was setting and the Aegean Sea looked resplendent! Reminded me a lot of Cape Town, actually. Think I’m gonna enjoy this place!

    By Serdar Yilgoren