• The Ladles of Love ‘Love Food’ campaign kicked off in February and what better way to open our hearts than to contribute to this heart-warming campaign, which continues until the end of March.

    Sadly, small children living in impoverished communities are battling hunger every day. The impact of unemployed parents means there is no food at home, and certainly no money for toys. The results is, a lack of stimulation and social engagement and these factors, together with malnutrition can cause stunted growth and cognitive development issues.

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    The Ladles of Love ‘Nourish Our Children’ programme for 2023 supports Educare Centres by understanding the financial and psychological challenges they face daily, with children arriving at school starving and unable to focus or learn, let alone play.

    “Our LOVE FOOD campaign will drive fundraising and create awareness allowing us to provide 40 Educare Centres with highly nutritious food, recipes, and meal plans to serve 4000 small children. We will train and enable the Centre’s cooks to prepare Love Food for children, which is highly nutritious, delicious food served with ladles of love!

    Then to strengthen small children’s eye-hand co-ordination and physical development plus encourage them to play, we will be giving every child a bright, colourful, bouncing ball to personalise and call their own”, explains Founder and Director, Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto.

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    They are reaching out to organisations, companies, brands, and individuals to get involved by sponsoring a child two healthy meals a day for a month and a ball to play at R250 or R3000 per child per year.

    By alleviating hunger in our small children during early childhood development, we are investing in building a healthy nation of future leaders.

    Their big goal is to sponsor all 4000 children by selling vouchers from their online shop. As a PBO, Ladles of Love is qualified to issue section 18A Tax certificates to all Individuals and companies sponsoring children to assist in reaching their goal.

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