• Tetley, the world’s second largest tea brand and supplier of award-winning beverages has launched Tetley Pure Green Tea in South Africa.  Meticulously sourced and authentically brewed by the Tetley tea master, Jonathan Kelsey, Tetley Pure Green Tea offers the full-bodied flavour one would expect from Tetley paired with the health benefits of Green tea.

    Experience the briskness, broadness and flavour of this new blend with Jonathan’s steps and tips on what to look for when mastering the art of tea tasting top tips on tea tasting:

    1. Consistency – this refers to the colour, texture and scent of the leaves. Good tea will be consistent across all the layers and not just some of them.  Pay attention to what you can see in the leaves and take note of any obvious characteristics like shape and shades.
    2. Look at the infusion – what colours do you notice and is the brew milky or clear? Is there an oil like film?  Examine the liquid and take notes, there is a reason for the way it looks.
    3. Get scent-sational – smell the tea and try and pick up what aromas you should be getting on your nose, is it grassy, earthy, fruity or nutty? The options are endless so smell away.
    4. Taste it – what are the first notes that you get on your tongue? Is there a certain mouthfeel.  Do the flavours develop over time or do you experience an aftertaste?  Some flavours may be delicate and some may linger longer than ours.

    *Jonathan is the Director and one of the founding members of Joekels tea.

    Tetley Pure Green Tea

    Tetley Pure Green Tea is available in retail stores in two pack sizes, 102 tea bags or 20 teabags. Look out for the fresh green box.

    Imka Webb

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