• Mediterranean Delicacies are a market leader in dips, olives, meze and other specialised deli products for the South African retail and food service industries. In spite of the company’s tremendous growth over nearly 27 years, they retain their commitment to wholesome ingredients of the highest quality and impeccable food standards.

    Research has confirmed the long-term health benefits of adopting a diet similar to that of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, Italy and Spain – including improved heart health and a reduced risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer. These diets are typically rich in vegetables, nuts, beans, wholegrain, seafood and olive oil.

    Mediterranean Delicacies brings these health benefits to South Africa, offering a convenient and relaxed alternative to entertaining, as well as family meals. From the bona fide foodie to the novice, their range of dips, pickles, relishes, seafood, meze, cheeses and more will turn every meal into a feast.

    W: www.mediterraneandelicacies.co.za
    F: www.facebook.com/medideli

    Stockists: Mediterranean Delicacies are available at selected Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar and Foodlovers Markets.

    Mediterranean Delicacies