Manufacturers urged to test all peanut butter products for aflatoxin

February 27, 2024
peanut butter

Following recent recalls of several peanut butter products due to concerns regarding aflatoxin levels, all manufacturers in the industry are being called upon to conduct tests and submit their results to the National Consumer Commission within a 14-day period. The scope of the consumer commission’s notice includes all peanut butter, peanut butter-based products, and items containing peanuts, such as cookies, sweets, ice cream, chocolates,  ice cream, and spreads.

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Expressing concern over the frequency of recalls, Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza emphasised the need for immediate action. “To address this issue comprehensively, the commission has issued a notice under section 60 (2) (a) of the Consumer Protection Act to peanut butter manufacturers and suppliers. This notice mandates suppliers to conduct urgent investigations, test their products for aflatoxin, and submit their findings to the commission within 14 days of receiving the notice,” stated Mabuza.

Furthermore, the NCC extends the same requirement to suppliers of other peanut-containing products to conduct investigations and share their results.

“During the investigation process, manufacturers, importers, and retailers are urged to promptly implement corrective measures if their products are found to pose a risk. These measures include removing the products from shelves following the NCC’s recall protocols, notifying relevant regulatory bodies, and informing consumers,” Mabuza added.

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