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    woolies new products

    There are some exciting new products available at woolies! When it comes to food, Woolies are at the forefront of innovation. Their unwavering drive towards continuous betterment and culinary exploration sets them ahead of the pack in the all-important race towards top-quality food offerings at every opportunity. Whether you’re searching for a sensational starter, a moreish main, or a delectable dessert, Woolworths’ latest batch of newness is guaranteed leave you smiling with satisfaction at every bite!

    The new products available at Woolies are:



    Anchovies are having a moment, and it’s about time! Your search for an effortlessly delicious snack or antipasti is finally over, all thanks to Woolies’ new anchovies’ range. Woolies’ newest range includes White Anchovy Fillets, Brown Anchovies in Sunflower Oil, and a Fresh Anchovy Paste that is undoubtedly different to anything you’ve ever tasted before! Use these delightful new offerings to top a crunchy bruschetta or scatter them throughout a simple green salad to reimagine this al fresco classic. Forget whatever you think you know about anchovies and celebrate their delicate, briny saltiness in a whole new way.


    Plant-based Protein

    Protein sources can be one of the biggest challenges facing those who follow a plant-based diet, but we’re making it simple for you to get your 50g a day with our new Plant Based BBQ Sausages. As a part of our existing plant-based range, these sweet and smokey sausages gain their protein source from haricot and black-eyed beans and quinoa, making them a delectably versatile addition to any braai, lunch, or dinner.

    Prepped Veg

    A side dish (or vegetarian main) of creamy barley risotto with brown mushroom, fresh spinach, roasted butternut and South African feta cheese, our Mushroom Barley Risotto is the perfect way upgrade to any meal. This simple ‘heat & eat’ dish comes in both small and large sizes, and is a guaranteed family favourite – savoury, creamy, and delightfully moreish, warm yourself up on a cool winter’s night with a healthy helping of this new culinary excellence.

    Crumbed Chicken

    Made with 100% South African chicken, our katsu-style Panko Crumbed Chicken Breast with a teriyaki dipping sauce or Tempura Chicken Chunks coated in a crisp, light batter are bound to be your new dinner staple! These succulent chicken dishes are ready in as little as 6 minutes, so get the table set and get ready for a taste explosion that’ll leave your tastebuds tingling and stomach (more than) satisfied.

    new products at woolies


    Something Sweet

    Plant-based doesn’t just mean savoury, oh no – we’re making veg versatile with our new Sweet Potato Churros with a Caramel Dipping Sauce! Made with white sweet potatoes to help you get your 5 a day in an exciting new way, these crisp and crunchy morsels of goodness only need 5 minutes in the air fryer to be enjoyed. Eat with the caramel sauce as you would a pumpkin fritter for a heavenly side dish or dessert.

    And, if your sweet tooth still needs a little something more, why not try our new Chuckles Biscuits? The latest addition to our sensational Chuckles range, these tasty, malted biscuits are made with free-range eggs and enrobed in your favourite milk chocolate and mini malt balls for a mouthful of moreish deliciousness you can never quite get enough of!

    Iconic yoghurt

    Move over Flavourburst plums and Adam’s figs; it’s time for Clemengold’s to take centre stage. Not only is our Clemengold yoghurt range limited edition, Ayrshire based, and preservative free, it’s also utterly delicious!

    Coming in 4 variations – Limited Edition Double Cream Clemengold Yoghurt 1kg, Full Cream Ayrshire Clemengold Yoghurt 4 x 150g, Low Fat Pink Lady, Pear, and Clemengold Layered 6 x 100g, and Low Fat Clemengold Smoothie 300ml – this wonderfully sweet and lusciously juicy citrus fruit has been transformed into what will hopefully become your favourite dairy snack yet by the talented Woolies kitchen.

    New Woolworths products


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