• By Rosanne Buchanan

    Let’s face it, there’s never enough leisure time to travel to far-flung towns, but I was lucky enough to visit the annual Bedford Garden Festival in the Eastern Cape. There was a food market with lovely fresh produce, like honey from Addo and delicious olives from Alicedale. We ate at the local butchery’s restaurant called The Butcherbird. Karen Morgan is a caterer who is very hands-on in the restaurant. Meals are hearty, with a focus on the best cuts of meat, but everything is very stylishly presented. My husband proclaimed it the best meal he has had…

    It was cold and wet after the floods in the area so not great for the gardens, but to the novice it was still beautiful!

    Just feast your eyes on these gorgeous old homes in and around the town of Bedford – Cavers on the Cowie Valley route is an original sandstone guest house on a dairy farm, very English and stately.