• South Africans have exclusive, signature mobile and tablet accessories by top designers from around the world at their fingertips with the opening of Africa’s first The Kase concept store at Rosebank Mall, Gauteng. The store first opened its doors 22 January 2015.

    The Kase is a unique, international brand specialising in high-fashion and customizable device accessories, with boutique stores in Europe, USA and Asia, India and soon Australia. The Kase’s over 140 stores worldwide stock exclusive collections by some of the world’s most innovative designers and fashion brands. Each boutique also has a customisation workshop, featuring a high-performance industrial machine, where clients can design their own accessories and see them come to life within ten minutes.

    Launched in France in 2012, The Kase brings together signature works by an ever-evolving community of designers from all over the world, giving them a platform to showcase and market their designs. Innovation, fashion and uniqueness are the cornerstones of the concept.

    “With exclusive collections by big names in fashion and The Kase’s in-store personalization tools, South Africans can choose, or make, their device accessories to reflect their personality, style, and even their mood.

    “This is the start of an exciting new era for South Africa’s fashion-aware device-users. The Kase, the world-over, has succeeded in democratizing contemporary art by enabling people to instill it in their daily lives. The Kase has turned the mobile accessory into a fashion fetish. Now it is South Africa’s turn to feed that fetish,” says Steve Rosenblum at The Kase.

    The Kase is one of only a handful of brands that incorporates designer ranges for all mobile phone and tablet makes, including Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, and more. The Kase’s international success is founded on three pillars; licensed branded products from international fashion brands, exclusive collections by a community of designers worldwide, and personalization.

    Before we continue, Rosebank Mall is but one of the many top malls in Johannesburg that you should check out.

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    Some of the leading fashion brands available at The Kase include Swarovski, Paul&Joe, Lagerfeld, Ferrari, and Guess.

    The Kase also boasts a community, in constant evolution, of over 4 000 international creators. The creators’ visuals are showcased through temporary and permanent collections. In stores, the best visuals are brought together from the different collections, according to season and trends.

    Consumers wanting the ultimate in personalization have access to Kase.iD in the customization workshop. Kase.iD offers them all the tools for designing their smartphone or tablet cases using designs from emerging designers around the world or their own personal visuals. Visuals can be uploaded from Facebook, Instagram or from their own library of photos. Kase.iD also allows consumers to choose the medium, materials and colours they want to use to produce their accessories.

    The Kase store at Rosebank Mall spans 36 square metres and features The Kase’s fresh, contemporary identity. The shop is open 7 days a week, from 09:00 to 18:00.

    People can also use the online Kase.iD tools on www.thekase.com to create personalized device accessories and choose the materials from which they want them produced. Woods, leathers, silicons, waterproof materials and many premium materials are part of The Kase selection. It takes just minutes to create a case or cover with the user-friendly tools. The finished product, to fit snugly on the device, will be shipped to the consumer within seven days.