• With the sad disappearance of Hellmann’s mayo from store shelves, NOMU has stepped up to the plate and created South Africa’s first “CrowdSauced” mayo.

    Image: Supplied

    What started out as a light-hearted joke, turned into the creation of a physical product for South African consumers to test and enjoy – all in about four weeks.

    A story in three parts:

    NOMU’s MAYU is a non-tangy homestyle mayonnaise that answers the call of desperate mayo lovers in SA.

    Plus, they’re giving back to the community by donating all proceeds from the first run of 1000 MAYU products to Peninsula School Feeding.

    If this run goes well – and the excitement people have shared online is acted upon – we may be seeing MAYU on more store shelves soon.

    Thick and creamy, this mayo has hints of mustard and lemon for an authentic homegrown flavour. Have you had a chance to taste it yet?

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