Stay in with these five ways to make 2018 your best Valentine’s Day yet

February 14, 2018
Dr. Oetker’s restaurant quality chocolate pizza

February may be the month of love, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out on an extravagant evening to show the one you love how much you care. This Valentine’s Day, Dr. Oetker is declaring Valentine’s Day a day for all your loved ones – not just your Valentine’s Bae.

Here are five ways to swap out the fancy dinners, weekend getaways and pricey gifts for an unforgettable night in with the one (or ones) you love! So, grab your BFF, siblings, family, friends or even your fur kid and cosy up for the perfect night in.

Location, location, location

Long queues, crowded restaurants, yelling over the noise of other patrons and over-priced meals that don’t quite live up to their hype are enough to put a damper on even the most well-planned evening. Pick a location that is personal, comfortable and private for you and your loved ones, whether you’re taking over the bedroom, spreading out over the living room floor or creating a mini outdoor stargazing movie night for two.

Swap crowded restaurants for living room forts

The best part of spending a night in at home is that you already have whatever you need to create the perfect environment at your disposal. A few pillows, the right lighting, a candle or two and some of your favourite tunes are all perfect ways to ensure your evening is tailored for you and your loved ones. 

The best way to a loved ones’ heart is through their stomach 

The key to a great evening in is having a spread of delicious snacks to nibble on as you cosy up for the evening. When else do you have the freedom to enjoy an array of cru de ta, tappas style snacks and an assortment of savoury treats while chilling on the couch! Have a little bit of fun with the evening by pairing chocolates with wine, biltong with beer, or your favourite combination of soft drinks and popcorn to complete the experience.

Stick to the classics for your viewing pleasure

Put together a thoughtful playlist that caters to you and your loved ones. Planning an evening in means there is no rush or time constraints when watching a movie – or movies. Combine some iconic old-school Audrey Hepburn romance with modern day pop cult classics (the movie Valentine’s Day comes to mind) for an unforgettable viewing experience. 

End the evening on a sweet note

No romantic dinner is complete without a decadent, chocolatey dessert made for two. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to #DrOetkerAndChill with the Ristorante Pizza Dolce Al Cioccolato, Dr. Oetker’s recently launched chocolate pizza dessert with delicate milk chocolate shavings and white chocolate pieces sprinkled on a delightfully thin and crispy chocolate base, smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone, a group of your closest friends or even family, the Ristorante Pizza Dolce Al Cioccolato is all you need to enjoy a cosy night in with the ones you love.

Find the Ristorante Pizza Dolce Al Cioccolato in the freezer aisle at major retail stores nationwide at a recommended retail price of R53.99.

P.S. Enjoy a Valentine’s Day spoil with Dr. Oetker’s restaurant quality chocolate pizza and stand a chance to WIN! 

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