• Introducing the ultimate meat-lover’s pizza – the Meatzza!

    “Gluten-free, low-carb, and Paleo-friendly, this meaty pizza is our favourite take on a grain-free pizza. Hearty and healthly for winter, and with a flavourful crust made out of ground beef, it was invented by the wonderful Nigella Lawson (in her cookbook Nigellissima) and is beyond delicious – a trend I certainly don’t want to see disappear! Spruce it up with any topping you like – it’s quick and easy to make and satisfies the majority of cravings. It’s also perfect for people on either a ketogenic or Atkins-style diet. I’m definitely a fan!”

    By Jess Oliver, F&HE Copy Editor

    See Nigella Lawson’s marvellous meatzza recipe here: The Meatzza