• We break down the basics of how buy your digital issue of Food & Home Entertaining, via Magtzer or Zinio. Read on to find out exactly what to do.

    So, you’re keen to try out Food & Home Entertaining digitally, but don’t know where to start? Here is a little summary of Zinio and Magzter (our two digital subscription platforms), as well as the differences between the two.

    Platforms and app stores:

    First, what is Zinio and Magzter? These are the free apps you can use to buy digital magazines, including ours and the other Caxton titles. You can download these from your online store, such as iTunes (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android). Just visit one of the online stores, search for ‘Zinio’ or ‘Magzter’ and hit ‘download’. Once downloaded, open the app. You’ll need to register the first time you open it (remember these details).
    Wait, what if you only use a laptop or desktop? No problem. You can download the desktop reader and you’re set to download and read magazines on your PC or Mac.

    Step by step:

    Now, if you use a tablet or phone, how do you go about getting F&HE downloaded to the app? It’s simpler than you think.
    1. Open the app and find the ‘search’ bar;
    2. Type in ‘Food & Home Entertaining’;
    3. Select us when our latest cover shows up;
    4. Now you need to decide whether you want a subscription (if so, for how long) or a single edition;
    5. Make your selection and then proceed to payment.

    The money:

    How do you pay for magazines online? They’ve made it very easy. Both platforms use secure credit card payment systems and the globally respected PayPal (or payment with your iTunes account if you’re using the iPad app).
    All that remains is to download your magazine and enjoy!

    *See our Digital Magazines FAQ page to answer any further queries.