• “I love this! Using fruit and vegetable food waste to make usable fruit leather goods (which of course means less dead animals). I read an article titled ‘The Willem de Kooning Academie Turns Food Waste into Usable Fruit Leather’ and saw what incredible things can be done with food.

    Food waste is a huge problem on all levels. Worldwide, people are throwing out perfectly good food daily by the ton; while, on the other side of the world, people go hungry every day. A group of designers from Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam have decided to tackle this issue by turning waste vegetables and fruits into a type of leather! This is done using the same techniques that chefs use to create fruit treats, except on a larger scale. This leather-like material can be used in various products.

    And, now, to reveal the process of how this is done, they will be exhibiting at the Lost and Found Pop-Up store in Rotterdam. The ultimate goal is to create awareness to commercialise the process, while shining a light on the global issue of food waste.”

    By Samantha Lewis, F&HE Art Director

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