• A yummy sweet treat is the cherry on top of the perfect dining experience. Whether it is ice cream, doughnuts or some freshly-baked cake, indulging in a little sugar offers a slice of paradise.

    The city of gold has a number of establishments which stand ready to satisfy the cravings of chocoholics and those with an undying relish for all things sweet.

    Here’s where you can find some of the best desserts in Johannesburg:

    Crumbs & Cream, Illovo Junction

    Image: @crumbs_and_cream / Instagram.

    It is often said that dessert and happiness go hand-in-hand. Well, Crumbs and Cream serves happiness mixed with endless amounts of yum!

    The ice-cream sandwich spot is based in Illovo Junction and has yummy ice cream and cookie combinations. You can enjoy your ice cream sandwiched between cookies or churros along with a choice of spreads and toppings.

    X & O Patisserie

    If you have a strong desire to indulge in all things sweet, X & O Patisserie in Melville is the establishment for you.

    The dessert store specialises in cronuts (the best of a croissant and doughnut), as well as the yummiest milkshakes. The cronuts come in a number of flavours including chocolate hazelnut, cinnamon buttercream and peppermint crisp.

    A sweet encounter at X & O is undoubtedly a self-indulgent experience worth the try for all with a sweet tooth.

    Arbour Café & Courtyard

    Image: @arbourcafe / Instagram.

    Arbour Café & Courtyard does not just serve freshness. The French-inspired café in Birdhaven also offers flavour, diversity and authenticity.

    Although the elegant and whimsical café offers a number of savoury dishes, their menu of sweet treats is to die for! You can choose from a number of exciting crepe flavours including salted caramel and apple, as well as decadent Nutella and banana. The menu also has selected freshly baked cakes.

    Arbour Café & Courtyard has a calming and elegant aesthetic, so you are likely to walk out with your soul nourished too.

    The Victorian Secret

    Image: @the_victorian_secret / Instagram.

    The Victorian Secret is a beautiful café and French patisserie which is located under a towering oak tree in the East of Johannesburg.

    Dubbed Benoni’s best-kept secret, the café was founded in 2013 and offers an overall experience which is a little slice of heaven. Although the establishment is also revered for its breakfast dishes, its dessert menu, as well as the treats from its patisserie are truly something to write home about.

    The dessert menu consists of delicious treats including brownies, ice cream and pavlova. There are also handcrafted bakery delights on the patisserie side of the establishment. The Victorian Secret is also perfect for events such as high tea.

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    Article compiled by Nomvelo Masango for Getaway.

    Feature image: Pexels