• The Wonderbag is a revolutionary, non-electric, heat retention cooker that allows food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods, to continue to cook for up to 12 hours, without using any additional energy source. Not only is the Wonderbag a revolution in the kitchen, but it is also a recipe for social change. First world countries have embraced the Wonderbag because of its environmental attributes and particularly its social contributions, because for every Wonderbag bought in a first world country one is donated to an under privileged and less fortunate family in South Africa.

    Wonderbag honours housekeepers as ‘Wonder Women’ this Women’s Month

    Popular local export Wonderbag is paying tribute to “Wonder Women” in South African homes, with a special offer this Women’s Month aimed at housekeepers. Consumers who purchase a Wonderbag for their housekeeper anytime between the 9th and 31st of August will receive R100 off a second Wonderbag for themselves!

    In keeping with the Wonderbag ethos of social upliftment, Natural Balance has initiated this Women’s Day offer in the hopes that it will encourage consumers to recognise the important role their housekeepers play in their lives and celebrate them during Women’s month. Studies have shown that this non-electric slow cooker helps save time, energy and money, which will undoubtedly help housekeepers lessen their own loads in their own homes.

    Wonderbag was specifically developed with women from all walks of life in mind. Cooking with a Wonderbag allows you to leave your food to cook to perfection unattended and with no threat of fire or electrical hazards. The freedom to leave the kitchen or one’s home to continue with other pressing activities, while also saving on exorbitant electricity bills, is appealing to any working mother or busy female. In the more rural areas of South Africa, using a Wonderbag instead of cooking food over a fire for hours will not only help prevent serious illness and death related to indoor smoke inhalation, but will also provide a safer environment for the whole family and will minimise the need for firewood which plays a major role in South Africa’s deforestation.

    This special offer only applies to website sales in South Africa and over the month of August 2014. To take advantage of this special deal, visit www.nb-wonderbag.com and enter the words “Women’s Month” as the promo code to receive R100 off the second Wonderbag you purchase. For those less skilled in the kitchen, each Wonderbag comes with a recipe book ensuring that first-time users know how best to use their brand new kitchen accessory that will revolutionise the way they cook and live.

    Wonderbags are available online at www.nb-wonderbag.com. Bags retail between R200 and R360 each.