• One thing that many of us have learned over the past 20 months in the midst of lockdown and extended time in our homes, is that South Africans can cook!

    We love to eat, and with our access to prepared food being limited at times, as well as changes to our monthly budgets, more and more of us have turned to our own kitchens for not only sustenance, but comfort and entertainment as well. 
    The kitchen has truly become the heart of the home again, and with a little more time on our hands due to working from home and maybe less time socialising, cooking has turned into an experiment for many of us to explore new flavours and techniques. As we start seeing friends and loved ones again, we want to share our new cooking skills. However the time spent in the kitchen may have also raised your frustrations. Maybe your frying pan wobbles, your stock pot is never big enough or your food keeps sticking to the bottom of your pot?

    If you’ve experienced these, or similar, frustrations, now is the time to invest in your kitchen and in cookware that you’ll never need to replace again. Manufactured from surgical-grade stainless steel, AMC cookware means you purchase cookware that will last you a lifetime. With a focus on quality, service and customer care, their range of cookware covers all your needs. 

    From a small 1 litre saucepan, all the way up to a 28 litre stockpot, with features and benefits including waterless and fat-free cooking, savings on electricity and stove-to-oven use, all covered by a lifetime guarantee. Whether you’re taking your time to cook a feast for a family celebration, or an easy 10-minute dinner, cook with cookware that serves its purpose, making cooking a pleasure and clean-up a breeze. 

    For more information, contact the AMC Support Centre on 086 1111 262, click here (www.amcsa.co.za) to head over to their website, or visit their Facebook page.