• Dinner lovers rejoice, Angala Supper Club is opening soon and it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

    When was the last time you were truly captivated by a dining experience? Can you remember stepping away from a meal feeling nourished, connected, inspired and uplifted?  This is what Angala’s Supper Club series is all about.

    8 talented chefs, 8 local beverage brands, 1 magnificent location.

    Join Angala and local creators, crafters, chefs, winemakers and beverage producers for a sumptuous stayover and interactive dining experience throughout 2022. Dine with the chef who prepares your meal and engage directly with the producers of excellent local wines, spirits and mindful drinks.


    Angala is a barefoot 5-star sanctuary located in the heart of the Cape Winelands among the undulating foothills of the mountains that rise majestically between Franschhoek and Paarl.  It’s a destination of beauty, peace, tranquillity and contentment that has been shaped to celebrate it’s astounding location and provide visitors with passage to precious moments of bliss and abundance. Angala offers hydro facilities including water therapy with their ozonated pool, heated plunge pool and revitalizing eco pool featuring a living ecosystem of water plants that cradle a clear, natural pool in a lush aquatic garden.   Reinvigorate your mind and body in their sauna and steam rooms, their infra-red sauna uses radiant heat to relax joints, muscles and tissues by increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

    The best journeys are always unexpected – it is by tiny steps that we ascend the stars. Angala is a place of untold enchantment where true artisans come together to hone their craft against the very whetstone of creation, and this extends to how you stay and what you are served.  It is much more than just a food and wine pairing, but instead provides guests with the rare opportunity to relax with food-inspired makers, creators and creatives that seek the golden thread that runs between nourishment and joy.

    The chefs

    Here is a little peek at the line-up of celebrated chefs that will be whipping up deliciousness at Angala throughout 2022:

    Nathalie Larsen (Earth to Plate)

    Nathalie Larsen is a passionate foodie, classically trained plant-based chef, and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She believes that conscious cooking is a creative and intimate expression that has the power of strengthening our relationship to the natural world.

    Her personal plant-based journey inspires her to share her passion with others in hopes to create positive shifts in the way we think & feel about the future of food in the most delicious ways.

    Arabella Parkinson (Eat to Thrive)

    With a deep respect for the environment, Arabella uses her food philosophy as a vehicle to promote mindful and sustainable ways of living. This chef uses food to ignite curiosity and promote positive change.


    Her food brings pleasure and health onto the same plate using a combination of classical French cuisine techniques and principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that promotes food as a form of medicine. Expect a vibrant sensory experience that encourages a healthy, holistic and sustainable approach to food.


    Lapo Magni (Lapo’s Kitchen)

    Lapo grew up learning the art of Tuscan cooking from his mother, a trained Italian chef, then moved to and fell in love with Cape Town, and is incredibly passionate about cooking seasonally and sustainably using only proudly South African produce.


    Besides coming from cooking royalty, Lapo is also a talented chef in own right, having won Italy’s version of MasterChef in 2013 and worked in restaurants across Italy and in SA. However, he also loves sharing his belief in simple, honest food made with local, seasonal and ethically produced ingredients, such as those he grew up with.

    Santi Louzan (Chef’s Table Cape Town)

    Chef Santi grew up in Cee, a small fishing and farming village on the shoreline of Galicia in the north west of Spain. Here he was taught the value of good, fresh ingredients by generations of artisans – fishermen to one side, farmers to the other.

    His passion for cooking was ignited at the tables of his mother and grandmother, and before long he made his way into the colourful world of the culinary arts in the UK after moving there with his family as a teen.

    The Chef’s Table setting in Cape Town has now become the backdrop to Santi’s inimitable dinner-time theatre. Here, guests are invited to relax and enjoy his beautiful meals that are guaranteed to delight and surprise as he combines down-home and Michelin-star cooking techniques to create dishes that tell stories and spark conversation.

    Luke Wonnocatt (Table Seven)

    With over 14 years’ experience gained at some of the world’s top restaurants and hotels, award-winning chef Luke Wonnacott brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his own restaurant and catering enterprise, the much-lauded Table Seven.

    This he runs alongside Katie Wonnacott who started her career at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Maze at The One & Only. The duo’s career is a smorgasbord that showcases just how far their love for food can go, with experience in internationally awarded restaurants, fine dining on super yachts in The Med, private cheffing for international football stars, and more.

    Table Seven is a creative space where the pair develops, explores, and experiments to create a dynamic menu that gives every food lover reason to come back for more. It’s this energy that Luke brings to his private cheffing endeavours as well.


    Aliya Ferguson

    Passionate Masterchef UK finalist, Aliya, is renowned for hosting Persian cooking and dining experiences in her home and in unique venues around Cape Town. These distinctive and intimate events, where guests feast on her unique and exotic food, are always sold out.

    Her blog ‘Aliya’s Vibrant Life’ shares her unique recipes and voracious appetite for foodie travels worldwide.

    Julia Hattingh (Reverie Social Table)

    Chef Julia Hattingh earned her stripes at revered eateries like the award-winning Waterkloof Restaurant in Somerset West and Lucas Carton in Paris,and is currently the chef patron of Reverie Social Table – table d’hote style eatery located in the quirky neighbourhood of Observatory, Cape Town.

    Drawing from her vast restaurant experience and international travels, Julia makes food that’s both hearty and unfussy, yet refreshingly contemporary and full-on in flavour. In other words, the perfect food around which to forge new friendships and rekindle old ones.

    Adele Maartens

    Adele Maartens is a self-taught chef who is passionate about all things food. She has

    attended numerous cooking courses in Europe, the East and North Africa and others also covering Garagiste Winemaking as well as Cheesemaking. After Eight years in the Food Truck Industry, many events and food festivals later she has grown in her foodie adventures and opened a Cooking School and Long Table Cellar Restaurant. She is a food stylist, food photographer and cookbook author. In 202, Adele was awarded an International Gourmand Award for her cookbook, My Vegetarian Braai that consists of Vegetarian and Vegan Braai Recipes. Adele is currently developing a ghost kitchen that will include various concepts of which one will service the plant-based community, foraging as well as researching medicinal plants and herbs.

    The dates

    • 12 March: Santi Louzan & Sugarbird Distillery
    •  6 May: Lapo Magni & Leonista Spirits
    • 28 May: Julia Hattingh & Black Elephant Vintners
    • 11 June: Arabella Parkinson & Longridge Wine Estate
    • 2 July: Nathalie Larsen & Atlas Swift
    • 23 July: Aliya Ferguson & Arendsig Single Vineyard Wines
    • 20 August: Adele Maartens & Lozarn Wines
    • 8 Oct: Luke Wonnacott & Spider Pig Wines

    In the know

    Book now for these exclusive and intimate events at angala.co.za, stay connected for all upcoming retreats, events and experiences.


    Santi’s dessert experience


    Pricing for the Supper Club will be different for each experience based on the unique offering. The first event on 12th March with Santi Louzan + Sugarbird Distillery will be an immersive 7-course surprise menu at R4 900 per person sharing inclusive of accommodation, dining experience, drinks + breakfast. Only for Supper Club attendees, there will be a special rate if they’d like to stay a second night after the event at 25% off for accommodation + a 60-minute massage for 2 (includes breakfast).

    The VIP guests that stayed for the launch of Angala – Shot by Jared in CPT


    Fatima is the editor of Food&Home. Trained in English Literature and recipe development, she can be found eating her way through Cape Town armed with a cookbook in her bag and her camera at the ready.