• Do you ever find yourself ready to decorate a freshly baked cake, only to realise that you have no piping bags on hand? All you need is some baking paper to make your own piping bag, pretty cakes are a few folds away!

    Cut out a triangle

    1. Cut out a square of baking paper from your baking paper roll. (Make a square by holding the corner edge of the paper – still attached to the roll – and fold it upwards onto the rest of the paper to the opposite side. Press down on the paper to fold, then cut the square off with your scissors.

    2. Once you’ve made your square, fold it in half diagonally to create one triangle shape. Unfold and cut through the centre of the square to create two triangles.

    Time to fold

    3. This is where our video comes in handy. Place your triangle on your work surface with the corner facing downwards towards you.

    4. Place your righthand on the top right corner of the triangle and pull it down towards yourself, curving the paper in as you pull.  Line it up to cover the corner. Hold it here with your left hand and use your right hand to pull the remaining top left corner of the triangle up and over the curve you have created. Pull this corner to the back of the fold and line up with the other two corners. Pull the corners tight to create a sharp tip of the bag. You will now have three corners facing you and a piping bag tip facing away from you.

    5. Fold these corners over a few times to seal them, staple closed for extra structure. Now you have a piping bag ready to be filled!

    Time to pipe

    6. Add your desired piping nozzle to the bag and snip the tip off using scissors. Spoon your icing into the bag, leaving some space at the top for folding.

    7. Seal the top edges of the bag and fold over and inwards to enclose the icing.

    8. Pipe away!


    Watch our video!

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    Piping bag tips

    • Cut larger triangles for larger piping bags and vice versa for smaller ones.
    • Make multiple little piping bags to pipe cute details on cookies, or one large one to pipe a pattern on a cake!
    • Make these in bulk and store them away for future use!


    • To help reduce waste, make sure the baking paper you buy is bio-degradable and compostable, that way, when you throw away your piping bags after use, you know that they will break down naturally over some time.
    • Store-bought plastic piping bags are often reusable, if you prefer using those then take some extra time to wash them out after use – they may not be as neat and smooth, but they will get the job done. When finally throwing them away, wash them out and add them to your recycling bin.

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