• Backyard Farms is a social enterprise that combines micro-farming with food production.

    Backyard Farms works with a growing number of female backyard farmers helping them become ‘agri-preneurs’. We provide them with seedlings, compost, basic training and whatever else they need to start their backyard farms. They grow chillies, red peppers, garlic, tomatoes and fresh herbs which we buy for our range of sauces & relishes.

    We are currently producing chilli, BBQ and cook-in sauces which are all ‘clean label’ and available in both retail and food service formats. Our sauces are currently sold in 36 retail outlets nationwide including private deli’s, selected Wellness Warehouse & Faithful to Nature stores and online at backyardfarms.co.za.

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    How did Backyard Farms start and what was the inspiration behind it?

    BYF was started during the recent Covid 19 lockdown as a way to empower and uplift some of the women that had been receiving free food donations. We wanted to create relationships with these ladies that were sustainable and long-term, utilising whatever land they had available to them to start growing for us.

    How many female farmers are currently supported or making money through Backyard Farms?

    There are currently 35 women working with us but we are continually growing this number.

    How many products do you make and is it available nationwide?

    We have 7 products in our range currently with a new ‘onion & rosemary marmalade’ on the way! They are divided into two hot sauces, three ‘super popular Cook-in sauces’ plus a classic sweet chilli & BBQ sauce. They are available nationwide via selected Wellness Warehouse & Faithful to Nature stores.

    What are some of the challenges that you have faced in doing this kind of business?

    Not all of our partners appreciate the hard work and patience required to become a micro-farmer! To earn a sufficient income with backyard farming requires a good-sized garden and the drive required to keep rotating your crops both seasonally and annually.

    What is the goal for Backyard Farms and how can we as the community help?

    We want to keep making a meaningful impact to as many farming partners as possible. We can only do this if people support us by buying our sauce. We believe this is a win-win however, as they are seriously good, ‘clean label’ and great value! We want to have hundreds of partners within the next 5 years, so please help us spread the word to get everyone serving a backyard farms supper as least once a week!

    What are your most popular products? 

    Whilst our hot sauce- Yababa- is very popular, our cook-in sauces are becoming the go-to option for a quick, healthy family supper. Every larder or freezer should have a bottle of our sauce, as it makes a delicious supper in minutes and can easily cater for both meat eaters and vegetarians at the same time.

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