• If you are going to buy a cookbook this month, make Sarah Wilson’s (of I Quit Sugar fame) new offering your purchase! Not only will she get you off your sugar fix while still allowing for indulgences. With a focus on eating sustainably, it’s filled with amazing tips on how to make your food last longer – from how to freeze leftovers for tasty pestos, stocks and smoothies, to creating gut-healthy fermented ingredients like garlic and turmeric paste. With a handy shopping list for your pantry cupboard, make the sugar-free switch and don’t look back!

    The recipes include in this book covers everything from breakfast, smoothies and drinks to healthy detox meals. You can also indulge in mouth-watering savoury snacks, sugar-free meals for the kids, sweet treats and desserts – all without any sugar!

    “I wrote this for everyone who’s ever struggled with their eating and their health. And then given themselves a stinkin’ hard time for not finding a way to get on top of things. And I wish to say to you all: you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.”  Sarah Wilson

    You can buy your copy of I Quit Sugar here.